Monday, May 9, 2016

Procurement software with open source software

Procuman introduces Open Source Software for Procurement Management. Never again pay software licence fees !

The idea for came originally from one of our IT service customers which needed an affordable procurement software solution. As we are experts with the open source SuiteCRM platform we knew that it can be done. The result is the world most flexible Procurement Management Software. With flexibility we mean the possibility for the customer to support most business processes related to purchasing. Customers can add as many new fields, new forms and reports as they want without writing a single line of code or paying additional fees for extra software features.

As SuiteCRM has no software licence fees attached, we can provide a truly affordable solution and we are able focus our resources to the most essential task, supporting our customers. We know from experience that software deployments can take a long time and our idea is to give customers the time they need. So, will give you 90 days trial period. Thats 3 months !!!

Stay tuned for more news and enjoy your ProcuMan Software.

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